Pavel Garg

Pavel Garg’s Successful Business Ventures

Hare Krishna Exotic Private Limited incorporated on the 14th of June in the year 2002, we can call it Garg venture. The three directors are Shivank Garg, Pavel Garg and Poonam Garg. Being a 14 years old organization, this company has a share capital of approximately Rs 5,000,000 and a paid up capital of the equal amount. That’s quite a balance.

What does the company do?

With many competitors in the market, Pavel Garg’s Hare Krishna Exotic Private Limited deals in the manufacturing of apparels to be worn. It manufactures apparels of almost every material known but fur. It seems, Pavel Garg is against animal cruelty which is a great gesture. There are activities which are both regular and contract.

The company filed its last balance sheet on the 31st of March, 2015. The annual general meeting was held on the 29th of September 2015. Pavel Garg took the charge of directing the company on the 4th of October, 2005. There has been no day that any stone was left unturned to keep the company going to an extent that it has made a mark in the field of apparel manufacturing.

A company takes hard work and patience to reach the summit. Pavel Garg has shown that he has it in him to reach the moon and shine brighter each day. His undying and never give up attitude will take him miles. It reminds of the famous lines by Robert Frost “Miles to go before I sleep.”

Pavel Garg’s Journey

The journey of this peak began on the 28th of March in the year 1989. Pavel Garg being one of the co-directors of Mudit Finlease Limited has put in efforts to bring the company where it stands now. The company is quite efficient with its balance sheet filing and the last time it filed its balance sheet as per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs was on March, 2016.

Pavel Garg is one of those directors who have toiled hard to the company to its peak. The annual general meeting of Mudit Finlease Ltd. is held usually between August to September every year and this year it was held on the 30th of September.

He has been in this pedestal since 14th February 2005 and has been stable there for the past 11 years, a decade long duration. That speaks a lot about his stability and persistent frame of mind.

It is a non-government company and has been registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi. Its share capital is estimated to be Rs 60,000,000 while the paid up capital is Rs 50,909,000. The company is old by 27 years and a few months which is commendable. We wish the tycoon Good luck in this consistency.

Pavel Garg: Know Him Better

We can see people reaching the zenith of success in short span of time and there are many stories that we should know. One such story that is inspiring is of the Business Enthusiast Pavel Garg. He is one of those few business leaders who have been climbing up the ladder of success since the year 2004. His plight is unstoppable since then. He has proved that hard work and determination if exist, then no hurdle can stop you from being successful.

More about him

He is a Director and heads most of the big brands in India. Those companies have various verticals. He exports pharmaceutical products to various countries and has maintained his reputation as one of the biggest exporters of India. Apart from business, he also takes keen interest in activities pertaining to society and politics.
His leap of success began in the year 2004 and there is nothing that has stood on his way till now and even if there were, he has mastered the art of overcoming any obstacle. He is definitely an inspiration to most of the young business enthusiasts. Some of the popular names he is associated with are Mudit Finlease Ltd., Combitic Global Caplet Pvt. Ltd., Hotel Holiday International, Clouds Hotels Pvt. Ltd. and Shiva Medichem Pvt. Ltd.

The skills that he should be looked up to are the following.

• Impeccable marketing strategy
• Great leadership quality
• Impactful communication technique
• Amazing Organizational methodology

His story can work like a charm for many future entrepreneurs.